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Restore EVE Book

Restore EVE Book

The author's genuine and heartfelt desire to encourage women to find their true purpose is the central theme of this life-changing book.  It was through a lie that Eve was defiled. Her beautiful state of innocence, her soft character, her purity and femininity were taken advantage of.


This led to disconnection, a fracture from her natural love, her inner beauty, her femininity as a woman, and replaced it instead with feelings of guilt, rejection, shame and fear. Since then, she has been fighting for her freedom, with Adam fighting too, both turned into warriors rather than the peaceful man and women God made them to be. Through this lie, her true identity was stolen, and focus moved away from who she truly was and what she was created to be.


However internally, she remains what God made her to be, a beautiful, soft and natural woman. Through a miraculous intervention, the restoration of EVE began. this is her story.


Edited by: Brooke Anne Olive | Birli Press  |

Illustrations by: Jeanette Giroud |

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