“One amazing lady that lights up life.”

“A tree that is planted at living waters bears fruit at the right time.”

Adri Du Preez Veraart

Annetjie Loots

When the author gave me this book, she said it was something that she wrote from her heart. In essence I would call it “a work of (he)art”.
I believe many of us will be able to relate to Eve in one way or another -  whether it is being in a toxic relationship with a spouse or even a parent.  
I found the book insightful and I believe this is a God-inspired tool to help the broken find healing, understanding and have a closer relationship with the Father.
To the author:  Thank you for sharing your heart, hurt, struggle and humanity with us. I realised again how much I am worth. 
Also, the prayers in the book are inspiring and sincere. Thank you for a way to again renew my relationship with Jesus.

“I am truly grateful for EVE, for all the support and love she gives me.”

Arisha Misselhorn - Journalist

Bathabile MaMncumbe

“Dear EVE. Thank you so much for everything you are doing. I always feel empowered when I speak to you.”

“My sister from another Mother.”

Cathy Mabelane

Jenny Heng

“Earth Angel.”

“Steadfast & Strong.”

June Reith

Sunet Rolf

“Living, Loving, Laughing!”

"Awesomeness! The whole package!"

Suretha Smith-Swart

Susan Dique

No one is an Angel, but Erika is an Angel to me, and to all women that have lost confidence to achieve their goals.  What is an Angel? An Angel is what God sends your way at the most needed moment or time, to help you during the most critical time of your life.

I started reading your book and just want to say, your inspiring words are so unique to who you are and gives one hope.

Maria Faram

Zelda Ungerer Groenewald