You often hear about the empty nest syndrome, but what happens to the mothers left behind? After years at home and in the workforce, raising a family and all the achievements that come with it, now is your time. No longer feel undervalued, forgotten and discarded, let us guide and assist you to find your true value in this world using your natural skills and strengths. Sign up today to become part of this uplifting women's network on a local, national or international basis.  

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Esteem EVE are women who have the knowledge and experience to assist you where needed. Confidently modelling true poise, passion and drive, they are a never ending source of inspiration to those around them.

Our members excel in Administration, Art, Bookkeeping, Business Management, Cleaning, Counselling, Editing, Education, Finance Management, Human Resources and Risk Management to name just a few. 

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Our organically grown, word of mouth business network ensures more women obtain their personal and financial independence where they are, with what they have, both ethically and authentically. 


"At Esteem EVE we do not build towers, but we do extend the table."

Erika V Engel





Wise Women of Worth


My love for nature's colours, patterns, harmony and form inspired me to study design. Life took me on many adventures abroad where I was blessed to experience other countries' natural beauty, cultures and architecture. South Africa is my birthplace, Australia is my home but through life's twists and turns, I ended up living in Texas where everything is BIG and convenience is everywhere! My love and passion for photography came naturally.  I started to notice that I had a natural instinct to capture other people's beauty for them to see, love and enjoy forever. This is what I love to do. I see and capture the beauty in you and what you love most about the life you live.

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Wise Women of Worth




Birli Press is a small family-owned independent publishing house and complemented through the service of editing books and we are located in Perth, Western Australia.

With 15 years' industry experience, our passion in promoting the creative arts and forging new paths for both established and emerging authors is the driving force behind our company.

Birli Press specialises in bringing the untold stories to the mainstream, with a focus on melding contemporary and historical perspectives to stimulate discussion and promote critical thinking.

Birli is a Wajarri word meaning together. As a modern Australian family with links to the Malgana and Yamaji peoples, we seek to honour the Ancestors of this beautiful land, share stories of marginalised cultural groups and promote unity, truth, treaty and togetherness. Contact Brooke Anne Olive

+61406 232 775



Wise Women of Worth


Esteem EVE covers a full range of courses, services and products. As experienced women with years of expertise in our respective fields, we offer a large range of classes spanning introductory, intermediate and advanced levels.



"Celebrating Life"

Offering prestigious catering services for our valued clients, Aqua Catering promises to serve only the best. 

Specialising in both small and intimate settings to large, grand-scale events, we can confidently cater to your needs, serving from 5- 200 people.  

We focus our services in and around our community of Mpumalanga, providing high-quality canapés, platters, home-cooked meals and desserts that will make you come back for more.

Be inspired by our highly talented staff and decorative designs, impress your guests and enjoy your events, knowing that your catering needs are being met to the highest of standards.

Contact us on 0732097221 to schedule your appointment. 





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