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Be Divine Daughters of Dignity

Edify Eve is a newly established school of deportment in the northern suburbs of Perth. Our primary focus of the college is to provide personal development classes to children of all ages, educating them on all aspects of deportment, including social skills, manners, morals, online etiquette and grooming.
With a strong emphasis on self-esteem and encouraging traditional values like kindness, respect, communication and unity, Edify Eve promotes the concept that each child should be celebrated as a unique individual, who brings something of real value to the world. Edify Eve seeks to uncover and support that gift, through consciously empowering our students to fulfil their highest potential.
Students learn all aspects of deportment from basic communication skills, speech enhancement, health and emotional well-being and personal grooming. As each term progresses children learn fundamental life skills that strengthen their emotional capacity, building resilience, utilising their internal resources and enabling them to confidently move into their future, embracing themselves wholeheartedly.
With a balanced curriculum overseen by a qualified counsellor and taught by engaged and passionate staff, Edify Eve offers a peaceful and positive learning environment for students aged 8 years and older.





It has helped me become more confident in myself and has taught me how to stay true to the real me. With Edify Eve, I can trust that I will be taught how to become the best version of myself and how to deal with the changing world and work force.



Enrolling my daughter in Edify Eve has been one of the best decisions I have made. It has been wonderful to see her confidence grow and see her achieve the goals she has set. I thoroughly recommend this program for any teenager seeking structure and guidance on their path to adulthood.



Before I took part in the refinement course Edify Eve, I wasn't too confident in myself.  When first starting the course I was also very shy and found it hard to speak to new people, but now I'm no longer shy. This course helped me achieve some of the goals I set during the course. I would definitely recommend this course to others.



I wish I had this program when I was a young woman, as I can see the value it has added to my daughter's life, giving her the confidence women need in today's busy world.



I have seen my daughter grow from being quiet in amongst a crowd she doesn't know to having the confidence to start conversations with people she doesn't know. The Edify Eve program has given her new wings to fly!